Yuve Nutritional Shake Review


Yuve is a new vegan nutritional shake with raw chia seeds created by a former Russian dancer. It’s formulated using over 25 all natural ingredients, no artificial colors, sweeteners or flavors. It contains antioxidants, four core nutrients (folic acid, iron, calcium and Vitamin D3), and maintains an ideal ratio between macro and micronutrients, according... Read More

Green Pea Cookie Review


  Green peas are all the rage nowadays, from protein powder for your post-workout shake to vegan chicken strips and cookies. Cookies? Yes, cookies. The lovely folks at Green Pea Cookie got their inspiration from a trip to Singapore (see story below). These delectable green goodies are a popular snack there, so they decided to bring them to the US. Lucky for us! The green,... Read More

Book Review: The Good Karma Diet by Victoria Moran


The first time I saw Victoria Moran was at Vegetarian Summerfest in Johnstown, PA back in 2011. My family and I were there for the 3 day program and I saw Victoria every day; whether she was the master of ceremonies on the main stage or leading her own class, I could tell this woman had an abundance of energy. In the years since, Victoria has been incredibly busy—most notably... Read More

Teff Love – Review & Recipe


Ethiopian food is one our favorites here at From A to Vegan, right  along with Indian, Moroccan and Kenyan. The flavors are so wonderful and complex due to the variety of spices used to make their flavored oils, berbere and sauces. And it’s extremely vegan friendly. In Kittee Berns’s new cookbook, Teff Love, we get the all exclusive vegan experience of Ethiopian cuisine,... Read More

The PlantPure Nation – Review, Recipe & Giveaway

Veggie Balls

The PlantPure Nation Cookbook is a new book by Kim Campbell. It’s been launched as a companion cookbook to the new documentary directed by her husband, Nelson Campbell, the oldest son of T. Collin Campbell’s (a name most vegans would recognize). The movie and book are part of a campaign to create more awareness in the general public of the benefits of a plant-based... Read More

Jambu Shoes Review & Giveaway


The days for settling for funky, hand-made vegan shoes are over. There are so many companies making quality vegan shoes, at least for women, nowadays that it’s easy to find comfortable sporty or dressy shoes that are cruelty-free. Jambu, the makers of the of the lovely Princeton featured in this post, has been making vegan-friendly shoes and boots for women for several years... Read More

SunWarrior Review


We’re not into taking supplements. We take our B12 and a vegan D3 (mostly in the winter when we don’t get much sun) and an occasional protein smoothie when we’re lifting heavy. So when SunWarrior offered to send me samples of their products, I decided to see what it was all about. I thought SunWarrior only made raw, vegan protein powders and I wanted to see how... Read More

Becoming Vegan – Review


I’ve heard it from many people that when you become vegan you also have to become an expert in nutrition, because everybody you meet will ask you a multitude of questions about it and will expect you to know the answers. As far as my personal experience goes, I agree with that assertive. Obviously you are under no obligation to become an expert on the subject, but since... Read More

Fresh N Lean Delivery Review & Discount Code

Mixed Berry Chia pudding

Have you ever wished someone else cooked hearty, gluten-free, vegan meals for you? You’ve bought frozen TV dinners at the supermarket and although some brands are better than others, they don’t taste like a home cooked meal. Then, let me introduce you to Fresh N Lean. I received the meals below to taste-test and review: Hearty Granola, Cinnamon Raisin Oatmeal, Mixed... Read More

Nutrition CHAMPS – Recipe & International Giveaway


Back in 2013, Jill Nussinow, MS, RD, aka The Veggie Queen™, pressure cooker maven and author of The New Fast Food, contacted me and asked if I’d like to submit three recipes for her upcoming cookbook, Nutrition CHAMPS*. Wow! I was flattered beyond words. Only later did I find out who else was collaborating in this cookbook: Jill Nussinow, of course, Fran Costigan (my dessert... Read More

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