The Vegetarian Flavor Bible Review & Giveaway

Around the same time Mauro and I were becoming vegan, I was also in the midst of becoming a foodie. We had started eating more local foods, eating seasonally thanks to our CSA shares and I was interested in becoming a better cook and baker. I would hit up my local library on a weekly basis in search of the best vegan cookbooks. On one of my weekly trips I stumbled upon The Flavor Bible by Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg. It’s a thick and heavy reference book on how to pair... Read More

Plant Power Cookbook by Nava Atlas – Review

I’m a big fan of Nava Atlas’ cookbooks. I had a few in my bookcase already and love how straight-forward and easy to make her recipes are. I had the immense pleasure of meeting Nava in person last year, and again this year, and found that we have the same style of cooking. Her books are so intuitive to me, but I also found that they’re intuitive, period. When I received my copy of Plant Power: Transform Your Kitchen, Plate, and Life with More Than 150 Fresh... Read More

The 6 Top Myths About Plant-Based Diets

Guest post by Nava Atlas Would you like to consider a plant-based (aka vegan) diet, but find yourself confused by all the conflicting information? Let’s look at some of the most persistent myths, one at a time. You’ll never get enough protein on a plant-based diet. While longtime vegans regard the “Where do you get your protein” question as an annoyance, I look at it as an opportunity to enlighten the curious. It truly isn’t difficult to get sufficient good-quality... Read More

The Lusty Vegan – Review & Recipe

The Lusty Vegan, new cookbook authored by Chef Ayindé Howell and Zoë Eisenberg, isn’t your usual cookbook. As the title suggests it’s about uniting a passion for amazingly delicious vegan food with relationships. Ayindé and Zoë share their experiences of past failed relationships with non-vegans, what worked, what didn’t work and why, their lusts both in the kitchen and in the bedroom; general advice on how to approach different types of relationships; and... Read More

Vegan Tacos Cookbook Review

One of my favorite go-to and easy meals is tacos. I always keep some corn tortillas in the freezer for those nights when I really don’t want to think about making a big meal. I generally use a combination of leftovers and other items in my fridge. I also prefer corn tortillas over wheat, because they are more flavorful authentic. Now, Jason Wyrick’s Vegan Tacos* cookbook has helped me take tacos to a whole new level. This book offers truly authentic and inspired recipes... Read More

Happy Herbivore Review & Giveaway

The holidays are just around the corner and so are those New Year’s resolutions. Do a goggle search and you’ll find “Eat Healthy” and “Exercise More” as the most popular resolution. If those two are at the top of your list for 2014, I’ve got just the book for you—HappyHerbivore Light & Lean by Lindsay S. Nixon. It’s a hefty book with 319 pages, chock-full of features to get you on the right track. Flipping through it you’ll... Read More

Gluten-Free Vegan Pie Review & Giveaway

Nothing says holiday season like fresh baked pies, sweet or savory. The wonderful smells of baked goods filling the house, the warm heat radiating from the oven, a cup of tea or hot chocolate to go with it. You can have  your pie and eat it too, even if you’re gluten-free and vegan, thanks to Jennifer Katzinger’s Gluten-Free & Vegan Pie* cookbook. This adorable, smaller-sized and easy to handle book contains more than 50 sweet and savory pie recipes. Featuring... Read More

Whole Grain Vegan Baking Review & Giveaway

I was so delighted to receive a copy of Whole Grain Vegan Baking* to review. Ever since I took Fran Costigan’s Chocolate Dessert class (almost three years ago!), I feel much more confident baking and making baked goods more healthful. I’m even more delighted to be doing the giveaway below. So please stick around, read the post (there will be a test at the end ), and comment for a chance to win a copy. I’ve always loved whole grain foods, multi-grain breads... Read More

The China Study Cookbook Review & Giveaway

We’re truly living in exciting times. There are sooo many vegan cookbooks on the market nowadays, it’s almost impossible to own them all. Just when you think you have all the ones you really need want, there’s another one coming out. Case in point The China Study Cookbook,* by Leanne Campbell, PhD, launched earlier this year. Yes, it can be a companion to The China Study* book by T. Colin Campbell, her father. The book starts off with a basic introduction to... Read More

Book review: The Vegan Cheatsheet

We received a copy of “The Vegan Cheat Sheet: Your Take-Everywhere Guide to Plant-based Eating“*, by Amy Cramer and Lisa McComsey, so we could read and review it. The book is presented as a guide and reference for new vegans. It starts with what is veganism and why you should adopt a vegan diet, talks about some myths and misconceptions and then jumps into dietary advice and cooking ideas. Most of the book is comprised of recipes, but they also have sections on grains,... Read More

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